December 10, 2021

NY Take Action: They are coming for your kids. Whose side is your Assemblymember on?

NY Take Action: They are coming for your kids. Whose side is your Assemblymember on?

The bill to require all students in New York to get the Covid injections, Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz’s (D-Riverdale, Bronx) Assembly Bill A8378, has picked up two co-sponsors including, unfortunately, Richard Gottfried (D-West Midtown) the Chair of the Assembly Health Committee.  On a positive note, four Assemblymembers who voted for the repeal of the religious exemption in 2019 are publicly opposed to A8378.

All the “mandates” in New York so far are based on executive actions by President Biden, Governor Hochul and Mayor de Blasio. Many of these mandates will not survive in the courts, or could be lifted by their successors. In the long run, the only way to have a sustained vaccine mandate is for the legislature and Governor to pass a law. Forcing school children to get the shot is probably the single most harmful mandate our rulers could do, but Governor Hochul has already said this is one of her top priorities.

Please  click here Take Action to send an email message to your Assemblymember asking what his or her position is on A8378.

The way we are going to defeat A8378 is to put so much pressure on the members of the Assembly (and eventually the Senate) that they will not want to be seen by the public voting “yes” on this this bill.

We can expect the introduction of an identical bill in the Senate shortly, most likely from Senator Brad Hoylman (D-Westside of Manhattan) who partnered with Dinowitz on the repeal of the religious exemption for students in 2019, a mandatory flu shots for students bill, and other medical fascism measures

See the bill here:

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New York Assemblymembers Position on A8378

? = We have not heard back from them

Undecided = we spoke to them, we got an answer, but the answer did not tell us if they are opposed or support the bill.


Abbate Peter (D-49)  ?

Abinanti, Thomas  (D-92)  ?

Anderson, Khaleel (D-31)  ?

Angelino, Joe (R-122)  Opposed

Ashby, Jake (R-107)  Opposed

Aubry, Jeffrion (D-35)  ?

Barclay, William (R-120)  ?

Barnwell, Brian (D-30)  ?

Barrett, Didi (D-106)  Opposed

Barron, Charles (D-60)  ?

Benedetto, Michael (D-82)  Opposed

Bichotte, Rodneyse (D-42)  ?

Blankenbush, Ken (R-117)  ?

Brabenec, Karl (R-98)  Opposed

Braunstein, Edward (D-26)  Undecided

Bronson, Harry (D-138)  Undecided

Brown, Keith (R-12)  Opposed

Burdick, Chris (D-93)  Undecided

Burgos, Kenny (D-85)  ?

Burke, Patrick (D-142)  Opposed

Buttenschon, Marianne (D-119)  Opposed

Byrne, Kevin (R-94)  Opposed

Byrnes, Marjorie (R-133)  Opposed

Cahill, Kevin (D-103)  ?

Carroll, Robert (D-44)  ?

Clark, Sarah (D-136)  ?

Colton, William (D-47)  ?

Conrad, William (D-140)  ?

Cook, Vivian  (D-32)  ?

Cruz, Catalina (D-39)  ?

Cusick, Michael (D-63)  Opposed

Cymbrowitz, Steven (D-45)  ?

Darling, Taylor (R-18)  ?

Davila, Maritza (D-53)  ?

De La Rosa, Carmen (D-72)  ?

DeStefano, Joe (R-3)  Opposed

Dickens, Inez (D-70)  Undecided

Dinowitz, Jeffrey (D-81)  Author

DiPietro, David (R-147)  Opposed

Durso, Michael (R-9)  opposed

Eichenstein, Simcha (D-48)  ?

Englebright, Steve  (D-4)  Undecided

Epstein, Harvey (D-74)  ?

Fahy, Patricia (D-109)  Undecided

Fall, Charles (D-61)  ?

Fernandez, Nathalia (D-80)  ?

Fitzpatrick, Michael (R-8)  Opposed

Friend, Christopher (R-124)  Opposed

Frontus, Mathylde (D-46)  ?

Galef, Sandy (D-95)  Undecided

Gallagher, Emily (D-50)  Undecided

Gallahan, Jeff (R-131)  Opposed

Gandolfo, Jarret (R-7)  Opposed

Giglio, Jodi (R-2)  Opposed

Giglio, Joseph (R-148)  ?

Glick, Deborah (D-66)  ?

Gonzalez Rojas, Jessica (D-34)  ?

Goodell, Andy (R-150)  Opposed

Gottfried, Richard (D-75)  Co-sponsor

Griffin, Judy (D-21)  Undecided

Gunther, Aileen (D-100)  ?

Hawley, Stephen (R-139)  Opposed

Heastie, Carl (D-83)  ?

Hevesi, Andrew i(D-28)  ?

Hunter, Pamela (D-128)  Undecided

Hyndman, Alicia (D-29)  ?

Jackson, Chantel (D-79)  ?

Jacobson, Jonathan (D-104)  Undecided

Jean-Pierre , Kimberly (D-11)  Opposed

Jensen, Josh (R-134)  Opposed

Jones, Billy (D-115)  ?

Joyner, Latoya (D-77)  ?

Kelles, Anna (R-125)  ?

Kim, Ron (D-40)  ?

Lalor, Kieran (R-105)  Opposed

Lavine , Charles D. (D-13)  ?

Lawler, Michael (R-97)  Opposed

Lemondes, John (R-126)  Undecided

Lundsford, Jennifer (D-135)  Undecided

Lupardo, Donna (D-123)  Undecided

Magnarelli, William (D-129)  Undecided

Mamdani, Zohran (D-36)  Supports

Manktelow, Brian (R-130)  Opposed

Martin Dilan, Erik (D-54)  ?

McDonald III, John (D-108)  ?

McDonough, David (R-14)  Opposed

McMahon, Karen (D-146)  Opposed

Meeks, Demond (D-137)  Undecided

Mikulin, John (R-17)  Opposed

Miller, Brian (R-101)  Opposed

Miller, Melissa (R-20)  Opposed

Mitaynes, Marcela (D-51)  ?

Montesano, Michael (R-15)  Opposed

Morinello, Angelo (R-145)  Opposes

Niou, Yuh-Line (D-65)  ?

Nolan, Catherine (D-37)  ?

Norris, Michael (R-144)  Opposed

O’Donnell, Daniel (D-69)  ?

Otis, Steven (D-91)  ?

Palmesano, Phil (R-132)  Opposed

Paulin, Amy (D-88)  Undecided

Peoples-Stokes, Crystal (D-141)  ?

Perry, N. Nick  (D-58)  ?

Pheffer, Amato, Stacey (D-23)  ?

Tapia, Yukelda (D-86)  ?

Pretlow, Gary (D-89)  ?

Quart, Dan (D-73)  ?

Ra, Ed (R-19)  Opposed

Rajkumar, Jennifer (D-38)  ?

Ramos, Philip (D-6)  ?

Reilly, Michael (R-62)  Opposed

Reyes, Karines (D-87)  ?

Richardson, Diana (D-43)  ?

Rivera, Jonathan (D-149)  Undecided

Rivera, Jose (D-78)  ?

Rodriguez, Robert (D-68)  Undecided

Rosenthal, Daniel (D-27)  Opposed

Rosenthal, Linda (D-67)  Supports

Rozic, Nily (D-25)  ?

Salka, John (R-121)  Opposed

Santabarbara, Angelo (D-111)  ?

Sayegh, Nader (D-90)  Opposed

Schmitt, Colin (R-99)  Opposed

Seawright, Rebecca (D-76)  Undecided

Septimo, Amanda (D-84)  ?

Sillitti, Gina (D-16)  Opposed

Simon, Jo Anne (D-52)  ?

Simpson, Matthew (R-114)  Opposed

Smith , Douglas M. (R-5)  Opposed

Smullen, Robert (R-118)  ?

Solages, Michaelle (D-22)  Opposed

Souffrant Forrest, Phara (D-57)  ?

Steck, Phillip (D-110)  Co-sponsor

Stern , Steve (D-10)  Undecided

Stirpe, Albert (D-127)  ?

Tague, Christopher (R-102)  ?

Tannousis, Michael (R-64)  Opposed

Taylor, Al (D-71)  ?

Thiele, Fred (I-1)  Opposed

Vanel, Clyde (D-33)  ?

Walczyk, Mark (R-116)  ?

Walker, Latrice (D-55)  ?

Wallace, Monica (D-143)  Opposed

Walsh, Mary Beth (R-112)  Opposed

Weinstein, Helene (D-41)  ?

Weprin, David (D-24)  ?

Williams, Jaime (D-59)  ?

Woerner, Carrie (D-113)  Opposed

Zebrowski, Kenneth (D-96)  Undecided

Zinerman, Stefani (D-56)  ?