December 10, 2021

Let Gov. Hochul and Albany know where you stand, March for Medical Freedom, 1/5/22

Let Gov. Hochul and Albany know where you stand, March for Medical Freedom, 1/5/22


Children’s Health Defense New York is partnering with dozens of organizations across the state for the Medical Freedom March in Albany, the state capital, on January 5 for the opening day of the 2021 legislative session and Governor Kathy Hochul’s first State-of-the-State Address.

There are dozens of bills that that we intend to stop. They read like a drug company’s Christmas wish list, including mandating new vaccines, taking away parents’ right to even know what shots are given to our children, eliminating medical privacy for adults, eliminating religious exemptions from vaccine mandates for college and employment (religious exemptions for school children were eliminated in 2019), there is even a bill to allow the Governor to imprison at will anyone suspected of being a public health risk!

The two most threatening bills are Assembly bill A8378, that will require all children to get Covid shots to attend school, and Senate Bill S75 which would force all adult vaccination records into a statewide database. The threats are real and imminent to our children’s health, and our basic civil rights.

Thousands of people have lost their jobs because they will not comply with illegal orders requiring Covid shots issued by Governor Hochul and Mayor Bill de Blasio. Many of these people, especially healthcare workers and first responders, the heroes of 2020, have had Covid and recovered and pose less of a Covid threat than vaccinated people. This has to stop. And these people need to go back to work. The legislature needs to step up and end rule by decree.

New York’s legislative session begins on January 5 which by coincidence will be the day Governor Kathy Hochul delivers her State-of-the-State Address to the combined legislative Houses.

The Governor and legislative leaders have not released their schedule for the day, so we need to work around what they plan. We know that the Governor will be giving her speech in the Capitol building.

And we need to be seen and heard by Hochul and the legislature that day. So, the schedule for the day will be announced later.

The Capitol in the past has been open to the public on the first day. We will see what happens on the 1/5. You will have to go through a security screen which can only process one person at a time so be prepared to spend time in line to get into the Capitol. And we will have a rally in the West Capitol Park immediately adjacent to the Capitol Building.

We are organizing buses from around the state. Details to be announced soon. We encourage other groups to organize their own buses as well.

Please bring five copies of a letter from you to the decisionmakers

We want to leave behind messages to the decisionmakers so please draft your own personal letter opposing covid mandates and the firing of people for refusing the shot.

Print five copies of the letter for the Governor, Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, Speaker of the Assembly Carl Heastie,  one for your State Senator, and one for Your Assemblymember.

On  1/5/22 plan on stopping by your legislators’ offices and dropping off your letters. The Governor’s office is on the second floor of the Capitol.  Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins is  Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 907 and Capitol Room 330. Speaker Carl Heastie has offices at LOB Room 907. Most legislators are in the Legislative Office Building across the street from the Capitol

You can look up who your State Senator is and where their office is located here:

You can look up who your Assemblymember and where their office is located here:

It is cold in Albany in January and our rally is outside so dress for snow.

Driving directions and parking information can be found here:

Bring friends and families

See you on January 5.